Disclaimer: Please note the following 2 teachings "Truth about the eye in the triangle" and part 2 "Isn't It A'aronic" are in no way supporting the works of secret societies of the world, these teachings are designed to expose the truths of what was once sacred are now being used to push agendas to move people away from our Heavenly Father and the truth in Sciprutres. As such we highly recommend watching the 3 video segments and then reading the study notes and slides to get a greater understanding on this subject. Thank you Netzarim Antoecie (Nazarenes of Australia)

Truth about The Eye in the Triangle (First Segment)

Truth about The Eye in the Triangle (Second Segment)

Truth about The Eye in the Triangle (Third Segment)


Study Notes

Part 1

For many years, as a Christian, I followed very closely the teachings of Barry Smith, a New Zealand author and evangelist who toured the world with his Eye in the Triangle Series. I remember being absolutely devastated when I heard of his passing back in June 2002. His preaching centred on End Times Events, specifically The New World Order, One World Government and the Mark of the Beast. His sermons were electric, balanced with passionate speaking, profound historical data and supporting Biblical texts. He brought just the right amount of humour and realism to his subject that always made his talks engaging from the very beginning to the very end. It wasn’t long before I had many of his books and videos. I finally got to see him preach live in Sydney and I was the first person down the front to give my life to the Lord, deliberately holding back until I could meet him and shake his hand, I felt I owed him that. 

I was introduced to him by a girlfriend at the time, who showed me one of his videos. Pretty much straight away, I knew this guy was onto something big, and Christianity might not actually be the stale piece of toast I thought it was for many years. 

As I progressed in my walk, I became fascinated by these conspiracies, even venturing into subjects like the Biblical perspective of UFO phenomenon. I even wrote a book. Eventually, I became convinced about the Sabbath, attending a Seventh Day Baptist Church for a few years and in that time I was told about the Hebrew names of J-sus and G-d. One thing led to another and I found myself wanting to know more about the Hebrew perspective of the Bible and found some like-minded people to celebrate these revelations with. 

Since then, things have rocketed along and I find myself now, as a leader of a growing community centred in Camden who follow the faith, as best we can, as it was observed by the very first believers in Messiah. It’s exciting to think that there is a group in Australia that are do things as close as possible to what the early Nazarenes did. 

The conspiracy path faded into the background as I became fascinated with the Torah, the Hebrew language and the relationship the Almighty has maintained with the same chosen people that He had then and the ones who still exist today. I always grin when I think of how one has to go to a history book to read about Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, but only has to pick up a phone to talk to a real live Hebrew. 

Along my journey I’ve found out some pretty wild things, so much so that the cliché, “the truth is stranger than fiction,” is so absolutely true. 

Those of you familiar with the Illuminati and the New World Order, know about the American one dollar bill and how it is decorated with two elaborate Illuminati seals cleverly displaying the agenda of the One World Government. I certainly still believe these symbols were devised by a Secret Order for malicious purposes on a global scale, but in my journey I’ve uncovered a startling truth that goes beyond what most conspiracy theorists discuss. 
The enemy has always tried to supplant the truth. In its attempts to do so, it has always been astonishingly bereft of originality. The Almighty has always allowed the enemy to build and expand its frontiers in direct proportion to the laxity shown by His elect. 
There is no such thing as the supernatural. Everything has a scientific mechanism, no matter how bizarre; man’s technological advancement is testimony alone to this truth. Today man is capable of creating an artificial real-time environment in which vast numbers of people can interact with and implement cause and effect as would occur in the natural world. This man-made scape stretches on indefinitely and is improving in realism by the year, all in the name of entertainment. 

(Man’s ability to expand his knowledge and understanding and harness the fruits of this understanding to build things that were never dreamed of by former generations is well known. The Tower of Babel is perhaps the most obvious example of this and those familiar with Scripture might recall the Creator’s acknowledgment of such an endeavour: "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. (Genesis 11:6)” The universe was created according to certain intrinsic laws, as was the earth and its inhabitants, and we have had extended to us opportunity to peer into the engine-room of this machine with or without the Creator’s approval. However, this opportunity was never the strict domain of man alone, but also extended to the realm of the defrocked angelic host. Many can understand why a man might fall, but few understand the logic of how an angel, a being not veiled by the layers of earthly garments that surround this world, could also fall in the same way. But they did and it is they, under the headship of the chief Accuser, who fan the flames of our demise if we continue to let them. 

It is the enemy’s chief ploy, to remove the people of Israel, Yah’s chosen people, from Him. One such way is to take something good and commandeer it for something evil. 

In what way does the enemy take something good and make it evil? Out of necessity, the enemy has to operate within certain parameters to achieve its end. It has to appeal to the needs and requirements of the human condition. 

Worship is a holy act. But the worship of false deity is an evil act. The enemy needed the Golden Calf, now there’s nothing evil about gold and there’s nothing evil about a calf, but put to use for something rebellious such things combined become supremely evil. Sacrifice is a holy act, instituted to bring a worshipper near through tears, but sacrifice to false deity is an evil act. 

The more one allows the self to be enticed by the Evil Inclination, the more one loses as he journeys. The more one presses into the Good Inclination, with effort at first receiving little, the more one receives as he journeys. Communing with Yahweh is a holy act, but communing with Spirits is an evil act. When the High Priest communicated with Yahweh via light reflecting off the Menorah and into thin strands of light in the shapes of Hebrew letters from the Urim and the Thummin, he was partaking in a holy act, but when someone consults a Ouija Board, they are partaking in an evil act. Anything that can be done for holiness can be done for unholiness. 

The enemy steels and supplants the real Messiah from being a fulfiller of the Torah to a breaker of the Torah, the enemy steels and supplants the real mission of saving lost Israel to replacing lost Israel, the enemy even steels and supplants the real language, by replacing Hebrew with Greek. 

The same type of hijacking has occurred with symbology and iconography, which first appeared in the physical manifestation of the Paleo-Hebrew alef bet pictograph.

The heart of this essay is to present something that is seldom brought to light regarding the image of the all-seeing eye within the elevated capstone over a pyramid on the American one dollar bill. Many sources cite that it can be traced back to Egyptian mythology as the Eye of Horus and Buddhism, where Buddha is also regularly referred to as the “Eye of the World” and in Hinduism with its association to the third eye, described as being “all powerful and all seeing.” 

No other symbol I know, not even the swastika, triggers as much controversy in contemporary culture as the Eye in the Triangle. The occult symbolism of this enigmatic emblem has been a great catalyst for philosophical, religious and political debate for quite some time. Many people like to point to the “All seeing eye” in the Great Seal of the United States and on the U. S. Dollar Bill as being evidence of some vast conspiracy. As I stated, this could well be the case. But let’s see if something else even MORE sinister is going on. 

The Swastika

Since I brought it up, let’s look at swastika for a moment, because its use well before Nazi Germany might surprise some people. The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being” and to this day it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. It is a common sight on temples or houses in India and Indonesia. It was used as a symbol of good fortune for 5000 years before the Nazi’s adopted it as their banner for the Third Reich. Here is an example of a symbol, albeit still used in paganism, acquired and adopted for a brutal regime and forever is it now etched as such in the world’s psyche. 

The villainous Haman, a descendant of Agag, king of the Amalekites, who were a particularly brutal enemy of Israel, wore a robe with a svastika when he plotted to exterminate the Jew in the story of Esther. It was a sign of Amelek and sits on display among the decorative architecture of the Tash-Khovli Palace, in Khiva of the Media Empire. It’s no coincidence that the Nazi’s brandished the same symbol, which was associated with Israel’s arch enemy and then by a descendant who plotted a genocide that almost saw fruition. 

Throughout its history, the swastika represented life, sun, power, strength and good luck. In the early 20th century, it was still considered a positive symbol. During World War I, it was found on shoulder patches of members of the American 45th Division and the Finnish air force. Only after the Nazi period did its connotation change.

Megan David (The Shield of David)

The Shield of David (Megan David), known by many as the Star of David is another symbol frequently called into question. The earliest known use of the Shield of David, which is essentially a six-pointed star, has been found in cosmological diagrams in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and evidence of their use in these religions all predates its use in Judaism. One source said, “The reasons behind this symbol's common appearance in Indic religions and the West are unknown. One possibility is that they have a common origin.” This is certainly the case, as it’s unlikely that exactly identical symbols sprung up coincidently in three different religions. The answer to the symbol’s origin goes back to the Paleo-Hebrew language with the dalet, a letter shaped like a triangle. 

This symbol is completely in harmony with Scripture and has its origin in the Davidic reign. The “six pointed star” is made up of two inverted superimposed paleo-Hebrew “daleths” (dalets), the beginning and ending letter in King David’s name.

“The Magen David (“Shield of David”) has six-points, which symbolise that (YAHWEH) rules over the universe and protects Israel from all six directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. A similar symbolism is found in reading the ‘Shema.’ (‘Code of Jewish Law’ O.C. 61:6)” - Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Though King David is believed not to have ever literally worn the symbol in battle, it was latter utilised by his descendants. During the 1st century Bar Kochba rebellion, Jewish troops equipped themselves with shields in the shape of two overlapping inverted triangles to signify that the Almighty shields them in war. Interestingly Bar Kochba means “son of the star.” It is also believed that the Maccabees adorned their battle gear with the Magen David and in the 1500s the threatened Jewish community in Prague flew a flag with a six pointed star. 

I have personally seen and photographed, not only the “Star of David,” but the “Pentagram (or seal) of Solomon” carved on the arch of the ruined Netzarim Synagogue, which Yahshua taught at, on the shores of the Galilee.

Triangle based interlocking designs, as we know from the construction of the pillar of Enoch (aka The Great Pyramid), are the strongest forms of construction known to man. The triangles represent the reciprocal relationship between heaven and a future harmonic world summed up as, “as above, as below.” The triangle facing down represents the flow of goodness down from heaven and the triangle facing up represents “good deeds” that will provoke Messiah Yahshua’s return. The overall shape of the great Pyramid at Giza, which was not built by Egyptians at all, was built based on this premise. So the foundation or premise for the Star of David has its origin in the Enochian period. When Yahshua returns it will be as if another pyramid descends from above to form a three dimensional Star of David. 

The inner core of the Star of David represents the spiritual dimension whilst being surrounded by six equally sized directions. The centre hexagonal shape is the Shabbat, which is balanced by the six weekdays. 

The triangle, or much rather the Hebrew letter “dalet,” is a model for living Torah. The Dalet represents our three-fold relationship with the Father, He gives, we receive and we give to others. Are you living in the Triangle of Yahweh’s blessings? 

Here’s me in 2008 at the Pillar of Enoch. We went there as a congregation, to Egypt, Jordan and Israel for two weeks. And yes, I went all the way up inside the Great Pyramid!

If the Pillar of Enoch (The Great Pyramid) it had been built elsewhere in the area the ground would not have been able to support its massive weight. It is the largest and most elaborately built of nine great pyramids located about ten miles to the west of the modern city of Cairo. 

Though the second largest pyramid that sits in a nearby southwesterly direction from the Great Pyramid appears higher, it is due to its locality on a slightly higher foundation. Further to the southwest again is the third pyramid accompanied by two very small crudely built copies that are largely in ruin. 

These three major pyramids at Giza are completely devoid of Egyptian hieroglyphs inside and out and there has been no evidence of any Pharaoh ever being laid to rest in any of them. This is very significant because the three Pyramids along the Giza Plateau initially had nothing to do with the Egyptians. 

The Great Pyramid was originally called “The Pillar of Enoch.” In Hebrew the word "pillar" is Matsebhah and refers to an object that is erected to commemorate something memorable. 

It and the other two pillars near it were designed by Noah’s grandfather, Enoch, a man who walked with Yahweh. “‘Observe, Enoch, these heavenly tablets, and read what is written hereon, And mark every individual fact.’ And I observed the heavenly tablets, and read everything which was written (thereon) and understood everything, and read the book of all the deeds of mankind, and of all the children of flesh.” (1 Enoch 81:1-2) “Yea, I Enoch will declare [them] unto you, my sons: According to that which appeared to me in the heavenly vision, and which I have known through the word of the holy angels, and have learnt from the heavenly tablets.” (1 Enoch 93:1-2) Enoch was the first to decipher the story of the Gospel in the stars and prophetically transfer that knowledge into the form of an enormous stone monument, known today as the Great Pyramid of Giza. “I know a mystery and have read the heavenly tablets, and have seen the holy books…” (1 Enoch 103:1) 

The gradual decline in the precision of the architecture of the first pyramid to the third represents man’s gradual departure from holiness. That being said, the quality of the third pyramid is still leaps and bounds ahead of any other pyramid in the rest of Egypt. 

The three pyramids on the Giza Plateau were built by the sons of Seth, the first under the direct instruction of Enoch and the next two by proceeding generations who worked from his plans. Their construction was achieved by manipulating the land in a similar authoritative fashion as Yahweh (through Messiah) when he formed the very foundations of the earth. The cutting, transportation and positioning of the stones was most likely achieved through some form of harmonic vocal recitation. 

To venture detailed theories as to how this was specifically done is not the aim of this work; rather it is to establish the purpose of the structures themselves; in particular the Great Pyramid as being a three-dimensional Torah scroll if you will. For now I will simply add that the role of utterance in the construction of the Pillar of Enoch and its two sister monuments is the most likely method due to the Creator’s single reliance on verbal utterance in bringing every phase of creation into being. This is essentially levitation caused by acoustic reverberation that emanates from a vocal pitch. “The idea that something so intangible can lift objects can seem unbelievable, but it's a real phenomenon. Acoustic levitation takes advantage of the properties of sound to cause solids, liquids and heavy gases to float. The process can take place in normal or reduced gravity. In other words, sound can levitate objects on Earth or in gas-filled enclosures in space.”- How Acoustic Levitation Works Tracy V. Wilson

More popular theories as to the method of construction and function of the Great Pyramid are problematic for a host of reasons. Conventionally dragging and floating 2.3 million 2.5 ton limestone blocks 934 km (700km air-line distance) and hauling them up a gradually diminishing ascending area of 146.59 metres within twenty years of conception to completion is not possible to achieve even with the use of modern technology today. In addition there has been no discovery of any remains of equipment, heavy or otherwise, that could have enabled the structures to be built as they originally appeared. In addition to this, the existence of pristinely hewn and fitted together internal granite stones that make up 5% of the Pyramid’s total structure remains as an inescapable anomaly to all generally accepted academic theories as to the manner of their construction. This is because granite can only be cut awkwardly by steel, yet thousands of finely cut tons of it was produced in an age that only used small soft copper cutting implements. Today granite is only cut effectively with diamond. 

Curious watermarks are still visible today on the Giza Pyramid to those with a keen eye. Thanks to the fabulous lithographs of the late Scottish landscape artist David Roberts, watermarks are clearly visible on his reproductions drawn in 1838 depicting the Sphinx and a largely intact limestone casing covering of the Great Pyramid, which prove their existence even before Noah’s Flood. Part of Enoch’s design plan was to have these structures withstand an impending flood. To do this he used a special organic material in the mortar that would resist dissolving under extreme environmental stresses. To this day the material has been unsuccessfully replicated in any known laboratory. 

The Great Pyramid was built as a symbol of Mount Moriah (the primordial mound of creation) which resides at the centre of the Garden of Eden, the place where Yahweh stares continually. All three Pyramids at Giza were deliberately built to represent Orion’s belt, chiefly represented by the three major mountains in Jerusalem - Mount Moriah, the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. Orion signifies Yahshua HaMoshiach coming in wrath to judge the wicked.

The Pillar of Enoch was built with Divine knowledge that was handed down to Enoch with the chief principle of:

• Teaching Torah
• Making man aware of the link between the physical and spiritual realm
• To foretell specific points and prophetic points in time
• To provide a portal from the spiritual and physical realm (like Mount Moriah). 

“For You have set signs and wonders in the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), even to this day, and in Yisrael, and among other men; and have made Your Name great, even to this day.” (Jeremiah 32:20)

Josephus Flavius, in his Antiquities of the Jews, Book I, Chapter 2:9-10, wrote concerning the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, “All these proved to be of good dispositions. They also inhabited the same country without dissensions, and in a happy condition, without any misfortunes falling upon them, till they died. They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars, the one of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad (Egypt) to this day.” 

“In that day shall there be an altar to Yahweh in the midst of the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), and a standing column at its border to Yahweh. And it shall be for an ot (sign) and for a witness to Yahweh tzevaoth (of hosts) in the midst of land of Mitzrayim (Egypt).” (Isaiah 19:19-20). Reference to “…its border…” means the border of Israel because according to Scripture Israel stretches from Egypt to the Euphrates River. And “…the midst of…” (more accurately translated as in the “middle of”) refers to the middle of Egypt because the great Pyramid sits in its centre.

The outer mantle of the Great Pyramid was composed of 144,000 casing stones, which were symbolic of the end time 144,000 saints (Revelation 7:2-4).

The absence of the “capstone” on the Great Pyramid is very significant. “The Stone that the builders rejected has become the Rosh Pina (Corner Stone) of the corner. This is Yahweh’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.” (Psalms 118:22-23) “Therefore I say to you, The malchut (kingdom) of Yahweh shall be taken from you, and given to a people bringing forth the fruits of it. And whoever shall fall on this Stone shall be broken: but on whomever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder and they will be broken apart.” (Matthew 21:43-44) Interestingly, the pyramid is the only structure to have its capstone located in its exact centre. 

The prophetic timeline encoded within the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza (also cited in the teachings of the false prophet and founder of the Jehovah’s Witness Movement, Charles Taze Russell) is derived from its geometrical features. Isaiah 19:19’s statement that there, “…shall there be an altar to Yahweh in the midst (or middle) of the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), and a standing column at the border to Yahweh” is supported in Jeremiah 32:20 which speaks of Yahweh setting “signs and wonders in the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), even unto this day.” The inclusion of “…even unto this day” stumps those who believe it is referring to the plagues in the time of the prophet Moshe. 

The Great Pyramid is the only serious contender as Yahweh’s “Witness.” It is literally a storehouse of scientific, historic and prophetic truth with a testimony that is in perfect accord with Scripture sitting in the geographical centre of the surface of the world. “That monument stands in a more important physical situation than any other building erected by man,” cited Henry Mitchell, the Chief Hydrographer of the United States Coast Survey in 1868. To say that the Great Pyramid was built as a tomb is like seeing Buckingham Palace and saying that it was built as a toilet block. 

Every feature of the Great Pyramid's architecture (as with the Holy Temple) is supremely important because it outlines Yahweh’s plan of the Ages. The Great Pyramid represents the plan of Yahweh completed by Messiah Yahshua who is the “precious corner-stone.” (Isaiah 28:16) Zechariah 4:7 refers to its placement at the top of the completed monument saying, “he shall bring forth the headstone of it with shouts of, favour, favour to it.’”

Interestingly, an Arabian by the name of Caliph Al Mamoun, who was ignorant of an official “Entrance Passage” to the great Pyramid, forced an entry in hopes of finding treasure and in so doing paralleled a famous passage in Scripture. “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.” (John 10:1) The Great Pyramid has only one “Entrance Passage.” Once inside the Great Pyramid one will immediately notice that the interior is predominantly made up of granite. This represents the gold as it is used in the Holy Temple. Thus the granite represents Set-apartness and the limestone represents that which is not Set-apart (common). 

The sparse passages of the Great Pyramid have unique functions in relating Yahweh’s plan of salvation. From the entrance, the “Descending Passage” represents the spiritually declining life of man after “The Fall.” The “Well” that sprouts out from it near “The Pit” represents Messiah’s death, burial, and resurrection. Images show that the well literally looks like an explosion had burst it open from beneath signifying Messiah bursting the bonds of death (Acts 2:24), thereby opening up a way to eternal life (Hebrews 10:20). In November 2009, I and seven other members of our tour group, went inside the Great Pyramid. We were not able to make our way into the descending passage, the pit, or the well, which was probably for the best if one realises their significance (with the exception of the well of course). 

The huge granite plug stopping access to the “First Ascending Passage” represents the original Covenant with absence of the law of return of the adulterous bride (Israel) until the proclamation of the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31. Upon going inside the Great Pyramid through the Caliph Al Mamoun passage, you walk straight past this massive plug as we made our ascent toward “The Grand Gallery.” This ascent was very confined, and will cause you to walk in a perpetual bow until you reach the Grand Gallery. Prof. C. Piazzi Smyth, an Astronomer-Royal for Scotland, wrote in his work Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, “From the north beginning of the Grand Gallery, in upward progression, begin the years of our Savior's life, expressed at the rate of an inch to a year. Three and thirty inch-years, therefore, bring us right over against the mouth of the Well.” At precisely the moment we got to walk upright in the ascending passage we saw the point were the well opens out signifying Moshiach’s enabling unmerited power (Grace). So from here we proceeded by grace symbolised by being enabled to walk in an upright fashion with an exceeding height overhead. It was truly amazing and an experience I won’t easily forget. 

John Morton Edgar wrote in volume one of his book, The Great Pyramid Passages and Chambers that “… (based) upon the work of Professor Smyth, many able minds have been awakened to search into the various problems presented by the Great Pyramid. Some of these investigators have claimed not only that it embodies great scientific truths, but also that it sets forth symbolically and by measurement the Divine plan of salvation-that, in fact, it is Messianic.” 

The Grand Gallery leads up into an entirely granite room called “The King’s Chamber.” At one end is an object known as “the coffer,” which is an object that has the exact volume of the Ark of the Covenant with dimensions described in Scripture as 2.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits (45 inches by 27 inches by 27 inches). This will be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant that will be no longer remembered according to Jeremiah 3:16; “And it shall come to pass, when you are multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, says YAHWEH, they shall say no more, ‘The ark of the brit (Covenant) of YAHWEH’: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that ritual be done anymore.” The Ark of the Covenant will no longer be significant in people’s minds because of the physical presence of the real capstone, Yahshua our King who will rule and reign during the great millennium. This time will not be the be-all-end-all age, but the final trial period (if you will) before the final restoration of a New Heaven and a New Earth. With an understanding of the Great Pyramid’s true significance, verses throughout Scripture come to life like never before. Psalms 111:4; "He has made a memorial for His wonders." Job 38:5-6; “Do you know who determined its dimensions or who stretched the measuring line across it? On who laid its cornerstone…?” (Complete Jewish Bible – Translation by David Stern)

“Yahshua is 'the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone. (Acts 4:11)’”

As the cornerstone over the three dimensional structure known as the pyramid, which is recreation of Mount Moriah, sits over its exact centre, King Messiah Yahshua sits over the head of the body of Messiah. He is the centrepiece of all that we are aiming to do. 

The enemy want to steal the Kingdom of Yahweh. HaSatan wants to elevate himself to the same throne. This is why the sign of the Illuminati is such an affront to the kingdom. Notice the eye in the counterfeit is the left eye. This signifies judgement. The correct eye is the right eye, signifying mercy. 

“Behold, the eye of Yahweh is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy (Psalm 33:18)”

Now the correct name for the crowning piece of a pyramid is not technically called a capstone, though use of a capstone is permissible according to definition, but actually this is a very general term, which could be applied to an actual cap-like shape like the lid on the top of a tomb. 

The actual name for such a stone is specific: The uppermost piece or capstone of a pyramid is called "pyramidion" (plural pyramidia). The tip of a pyramid and also the tip of an obelisk is called ben-ben (benben, bnbnt, ben-benet) - this is the same word, that the ancient Egyptians used for a cone-shaped bread.

“Usually, when a pyramid was constructed, the top part, or capstone (also called top-stone), was the last thing to be placed on it. It was considered the most important part of the pyramid and was made of special stone or even gold.” –www.gizapyramid.comThe Hebrew description of this stone is function based, describing, “corner and head”

For Part 2 of The Truth About the Eye in the Triangle: "Isn't It A'aronic"