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Mission to the Northern Kingdoms

Introduction: It has been our delight for a long time to believe that one of our prime Missions in life is to bring encouragement, hope and truth to the many places we have felt called to go. This requires prayer, resources and an expectation that YHWH will open to us opportunities to minister and touch lives. Surely as Netzarim the desire to share the truth should always be a smouldering fire within our heart that should never go out. More than our hope we were asked to conduct a Conference that at its heart would primarily focus on the Netzarim faith though it was referred to as the Hebrew Roots but lets not split hairs. This seemed like a rather big challenge as we know how our teachings would be received among the Christian Churches where we all live.

The first part of our Mission included an invitation to preach at an Airforce base in Cebu but we were also trying to contact a pastor friend on an Island north of where we were however no contact seemed to be forthcoming so I emailed him knowing that these people have no home internet and responses often take ages. Amazingly we prayed on a Thursday morning and that day the Pastor felt he needed to read his email at an internet cafe so we were able on the last day of the week to attend his Congregation which had moved to within an hour of where we were staying. You can see his new Congregation in the pictures which by then was only one month old. We did share and pray with him and I shared a bit regarding some area of our faith as well and promised to bring him a Tallit next visit as he truly understood from my explanation the spiritual blessing that it imparted. While praying for this couple I covered them with a tallit and truly felt an anointing of the Ruach (Spirit) as we petitioned the Heavenly Father. Upon that weekend we ministered in the Airforce base and stayed with a high ranking officer belonging to the Congregation who organized with the Commander that we had a gate pass. This particular man we had stayed with before and since I had three years ago encouraged him to study the Hebrew he was well on his way to believing much of what we believe.  

This Congregation had a vibrant worship with the young people participating. Though I preached that Sunday I gave a message to encourage people that to be set-apart for Yahweh it is not just about faith but about living a Holy set-apart life which relates to obedience to his word as we begin to understand it. 

 I was naturally subtle in my approach and at the end I gave Silver the opportunity to share some interesting testimony of her life as a refugee escaping a highly controlling Regime in Vietnam to live for three years in a refugee camp in the Philippines after a harrowing life and death experience at sea concluding with Silver and I praying for a number of people one in particular with stage 3 or 4 cancer encouraging them that YHWH is merciful. 

The Two Day Conference at Iloilo Philippines

Stage 2 of our Mission Journey was to hold two days of teaching on the Hebrew roots of the faith, Sabbath, the Feasts of Yahweh as well as Hanukkah to people from many Christian Congregations including a number of Pastors. Even my Pastor friends who had circulated invitations were surprised how many had come but on our posters they had not mentioned Sabbath so at the end of the first day which finished with the teaching on Shabbat I wondered how many would return the next day. To our amazement though the numbers were slow at filling they finally came with up to about 70 people in attendance. I was told that a number of Pastors had raised many questions on the Fall Feasts but fortunately at the end of my teaching many of their questions had been answered. To think that here were strictly Christians being taught the truths from scripture that went against tradition and that they were happily receiving it was truly a blessing and I have come to realise that Yahweh is doing something great is the Philippines by breaking down many walls like he did in our life. 

The next Shabbat I was also able to lead and demonstrate the entire Netzarim Liturgy but I also sang for them the songs within the liturgy as we had no music but even that went rather well even if I do say so myself. All in all it was a blessed experience.

Conference in Baguio City Philippines

Following this experience we had been invited to a major Conference in a City that would take a six hour bus trip to reach from Manila. Many of these people that came were rather poor and had to beg and scrap to come but they did, as it required a Plane & Bus trip, as well as Hotel accommodation for three days. Amazingly this Conference comprised at least 150-200 Pastors from all over the Philippines and had as its itinerary teaching revolving around the Sabbath, Kosher and the keeping of the Biblical feasts. 


It was so great to see a group of Christian Pastors passionate about blowing the Shofar and living in obedience to Torah though that was a process as we saw. They did lack knowledge but had the heart and were on the road for example of transforming from Sunday worship to the Sabbath. A wonderful example of that was a couple from an island in which Silver had lived in a Refugee camp. These had begun with two services and now they tell us that the Sunday service has 15 people while the Sabbath service had about 70 which is truly remarkable. 

I had also been asked to teach one session and the Organizer had asked if I could teach on Sabbath which I did. As I saw the heartfelt desire to break tradition I knew that the Spirit of Yahweh was doing something in the Philippine that is totally unprecedented. When I finished my talk I began to feel like a Celebrity as people were asking me to write down the Hebrew morning prayer that we recite and those sleeping in the Dorm said they all joined in that prayer the next morning. 

This has become a yearly Conference and I believe it is changing the face of the Churches and you can see we had a mighty photo shoot at the end of the Conference.

One experience of Significance during this time was when some different couples had spoken to Silver about a special need they had so Silver organized for them to be prayed for but not right then. One couple was to come to our apartment at 4 am and one at 5 am. As this place is high in the mountains it was rather cold but only the 5 am couple came all dressed in snow gear and we had a wonderful time of prayer and even blew the Shofar at that time but seeing the faith and passion of these people was great though following thatthe other couple truly got a roasting from Silver after which they repented because Silver rebuked them and said that since they are Pastors no matter what they should keep to their word. 

The Red Carpet Treatment

Upon returning to Manila we decided to stay with the rest in the Church though we had been offered better accommodation. This is Mission life, experiencing whatever the local people experience so we were happy to join with them sleeping on cardboard or the carpet as uncomfortable as that might seem just to fellowship with them. 

The following day we at least were able to join together in a Shabbat service in which I used our Liturgy so that was a great blessing again.


 After one night we did go to a Hotel for the weekend and had the Helicopter Pilot pick us up for Church on Sunday and we visited a Victory Church not unlike Hillsong. However as often happens Silver felt the Man in front of us needed pray so she asked them, only to discover that two days prior to that he had been diagnosed with a heart condition and was depressed. How she knew that she will tell you is a gift from YHWH. It was interesting also that he was a retired Pastor so through prayer we know his spirit and faith were lifted. 

Stage 4- Vietnam Visit

 As we all know Vietnam is under a Communist Government so we had no idea what to expect. However this is Silvers old stomping ground and we did have accommodation with a cousin who also picked us up at the airport. 


Since it was Chinese and Vietnamese New Year we could experience all the fan fair and decorations which were quite elaborate in Ho Chi Minh City. It was also Silver’s desire to visit people she had done business with over 37 years ago, before she escaped Vietnam as a Refugee but what was most striking was the masses of Motor bikes that flooded the roads with no apparent care for rules. It appears that this place ran by organised Chaos where everyone did what pleased themselves. 


As we were aware that some Filipinos had come to Ho Chi Minh from the Church in Cebu we made contact as we like most people thought that Churches were not allowed but to our surprise we discovered that times had begun to change and where they worshipped was an approved Church that housed a Philippine, Vietnamese, Korean & western Congregation though formerly the Filipinos had been confronted by the Police for meeting in a Coffee shop and had been detained by the Police.

We also had the opportunity of meeting the Vietnamese owner & Pastor of the Building & Silver again had the opportunity to Pray for her. 

During our time there, Silver did have the opportunity to see how her friends of many years ago lived and see their Business which was still quite active and successful which brightened her day.  

Through that Church we were also able to make contact with another Pastor & visit her small Church near where we stayed so we could fellowship and again pray with some.

The Kingdom of Cambodia

Our final destination was the Kingdom of Cambodia and many of us recall the horrific scenes of the killing fields that had made Pol Pot that villain General Infamous. We may not know that he emptied the City of Phnom Penh of people who had to try to live in the country with many dying so he could loot the entire city. Fortunately those days are past and Cambodia is developing much but we discovered that things do not change much. Hun Sin is the Billionaire President and we heard that he had just recently declared all opposition parties Criminals imprisoning some making his Country a one party state but at least there is peace. 


A Tuk Tuk

Market Stall

Temples in Phnom Penh

We were able in this visit to experience the life that Silver had left behind as a young Kid and see how things had changed yet still stay the same for many. A typical Fish or Butcher shop is shown in the Slide and according to our standards it does not look too hygienic. Fortunately a bowl of noodles or general plate of Cambodian food would only cost about $1:50 US and our Hotel was only about $20 per night though Silver was able to haggle the price down to $17 good for her. 

Q 17.JPG

Most importantly we were able to visit some Churches speaking with the young to encourage them after which we made contacts with a Mission helping the Poorest. Through that contact we gained accommodation for an additional week though it was quite hot and we had only a weak fan and a quilt as a mattress so I used a pillow under my back and sometimes slept on the floor as the floor tiles gave me some relief from the incessant heat. 

We were also invited to an outreach in the Country where we were able to pray for many and experience some fellowship but sadly after the meal by the next day I did have a bout of diarrhoea which was not too good so I had to be careful what I ate but fortunately we had some Japanese strong herds which finally helped. 

Journey to Siem Reap and Ankor Wat  

In the Final leg of the Journey we went to Siem Reap a City in the North about 6 hours by Bus. Fortunately Accommodation was only $12 per night and we organized to visit the Ancient Temples of Anchor Wat. As Silver speaks fluent Cambodian she was blessed in that she was given free entry to all the Tourist spots as they thought she was a local which saved us $37 each time we entered a site. This Temple was quite interesting also because listening to the Tour Guide we discovered some interesting facts. Its construction was quite amazing as it is called a floating Temple as engineers of 1000 years ago had to work out how to maintain the water table during the dry or it would shift. This they did by building a large moat around it. Apart from the huge numbers of workers & the Passion to build such great structures reflecting their Pagan faith not unlike the building of Sh’lomoh’s (Solomon’s) Temple there was a unique truth that goes back all the way to Ancient Babylon. Though it was considered a Buddhist Temple we were told it was actually a Hindu Temple as Buddhism originates from Hinduism. We were also informed that the Towers of the Temples were designed to line up with the Sun during the winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer Equinoxes as the basic belief revolved around the Sun which takes us back to Babylon and the Pagan Worship of the Sun which was prevalent.  


The Mission Truths Discovered

  1. We discovered that YHWH is moving mightily in the Philippines to bring many congregations to realize the need for Torah (Biblical) obedience. I hope we can be encouraged by this & not feel so isolated in our faith.
  2. The doors are opening wide to bring the full message of Salvation & Righteous living to a hungry people who are opening their hearts to the Shabbat, Kosher eating, the Feasts of YHWH and Torah living and we need to be ready & expectant when it happens here.
  3. Even in Vietnam that is under Communism a new wind is blowing that sees the message of the Saviour proclaimed freely in registered Congregations unhindered.
  4. The Trip to the Buddhist Temple of Ankor Wat revealed its Hindu origin but more striking is how its Towers were constructed to line up with the Sun on the Equinoxes revealing a deep seated Worship of the Sun which surely dates back to Nimrod & Babylon.   

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