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Please Note: This is a brand new designed website that was launch mid 2015, as such we have limited teachings available on the site.
The Congregation has over 10 years of teachings that are available on request. Please email contact Elder Jason Jordan at to request additional teachings.
Thank you.

We hope these teachings with Bless you and draw you closer to our Heavenly Father and his son King Messiah YahShua thru his Set Apart Spirit.
If any of the following teachings have blessed you please consider our Kehillah(Congregation) for donations and offerings, we are based around a theme to get our teachings to everyone from rich to poor, as such we do not charge for any of our teachings that includes downloadable video teachings, downloadable audio teachings, notes, slides and PDF downloads, Any donations to this Kahillah would help and go such a long way.

Thanking you from Nazarenes of Australia.